21 November, 2017

Students from about a hundred countries will follow courses this year in the Catholic University of Murcia. A significant group of about 700 hundred... Leer más

07 November, 2017

One of the increasing demands of Degree and postgraduate students is the possibility of following their studies in the English language. Hence, more... Leer más

03 October, 2017

The calendar of the Agenda Ñ offers inexpensive activities, where foreigners students can meet each other while travelling and experiencing the life... Leer más

27 September, 2017

The UCAM has three if its own clubs, it is sponsoring fifteen different sports centers and it helping to develop the system to study high level... Leer más

22 September, 2017

The Catholic University of Murcia has nine research areas covering fields such as Science in Physical Activity and Sport or Communication Sciences... Leer más

20 September, 2017

Every year an increasing number of destinations all over the world have become tourist hotspots, their hard work and investment has paid off and in... Leer más