30 June, 2016

If you’re considering studying business overseas, look no further than Spain. Business administration and management is one of the most popular... Leer más

22 June, 2016

95% of Law graduates from the Catholic University of Murcia have passed the examination of 2016 Master Access to the legal profession. The evaluation... Leer más

21 June, 2016

In the line of promoting social integration and culture through education, dialogue and values, UCAM Catholic University of Murcia was present at the... Leer más

07 June, 2016

It is indeed a historic win for the Catholic University of Murcia Football Club. The do or die game that gives the team a ticket to play in the next... Leer más

02 June, 2016

With the concept of exchanging local cuisine prepared by the students coming from  different countries, reminds the students that although they... Leer más

31 May, 2016

UCAM International representative, Ms. Sonia Doroudian attends the 3rd Arab-Euro Conference on Higher Education that aims to open a sustainable... Leer más