06 November, 2014

UCAM has paid an emotional tribute to Miss Mireia Belmonte, current student and globally renown swimmer, in honor of her 6 medals at the 2014... Leer más

04 November, 2014

This afternoon UCAM received the first European demonstration of a virtual reality helmet (VR headset), which has already been unveiled successfully... Leer más

29 October, 2014

During the past two months UCAM has met thousands of students from around the world, proving to be a great success for the innovative... Leer más

28 October, 2014

This symposium, organized by the Language Department, is aimed at teaching and research personnel working in Modern Languages, and intends to provide... Leer más

28 October, 2014

Representatives of this Chinese university have visited the Department of Sports, the chair of Sporting Orthopedic Surgery, the Sports Management... Leer más

28 October, 2014

In its continuous strive for internationalization, the UCAM has established new offices in Beijing and in Manila, from where the university will... Leer más