17 December 2015

Visit to Salzillo Museum in Murcia, International Welcoming Party and Cartagena trip for Winter Program 2015 are the 3 events held for International students of UCAM.

International Welcoming Party 2015

As a tradition party to welcome the new international students, International Welcoming Party 2015 was organized by International Marketing and Admission Department last 11 December in Talula lounge at the centre of Murcia. UCAM co-sponsored the party this this year and attracted close to a hundred students from different Master courses namely Master of Business Administration, European Union Studies and Human Rights, Innovation and Tourism Marketing and MBA Sports Management.

The students loved the unlimited drinks, food, sharing stories and taking photos during the party. It was a great chance and avenue for students to deepen their friendship with their classmates as they have more time to relax together outside classroom. 

"I hope this party will not just create a good memory about UCAM, but also a way to create good connection among international students within the university¨ as Mr. Miguel Angel Marti Escolano, International Marketing Manager of UCAM said as the host of the event. Activities such as 'matching-game', helped to create a link among students from various courses was one of the highlights of the night. The welcoming party opened new relationships among students of different nationalities.


Visit to Salzillo Museum, Murcia

As part of the weekly outside activities,  Salzillo Museum was chosen as a 2nd destination to visit for the month of December by Coordination of Spanishwho is in charge of organizing trips and activities for international students in UCAM


In this free trip, group of students in their Spanish class had the opportunity to know about the works of Francisco Salzillo, the most important sculptor of Baroque art who was also part of building and changing the Murcian architecture during his time.  

Students appreciated the sophisticated sculpture made from different materials and some religous art context. 

Information was provided by the tour guide of the Museum in Spanish supported by their teacher or information boards in dual language.


Cartagena trip for Winter Program 2015

UCAM welcomed group of Singaporean students for Winter Program 2015. As part of the cultural trip of the program, the students went to Cartagena to appreciate and observe the rich culture of the said city. International students explored some historical and cultural main attractions such as Punic Wall, Medieval Castle, Roman Theatre, National Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

To experience Spanish cuisine for their lunch was also a memorable experience for students coming from an Asian country. 

Diversified activities are one of the main points of the program that attracts international students to join every year.