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Faculty of Law and Business
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Dra. Ginesa Martinez del Vas

Director of the Master's in Innovation and Tourism Marketing


Tourism accounts for one-third of total world trade. Moreover, tourism is the sector that creates the most jobs and has proven itself impervious to economic downturns. Therefore, prospective students should show a general interest in tourism as a whole as well as in the innovative aspects of marketing, creativity and design of tourism products, communication, distribution and new technologies applied in this sector. Spain is a world power in the tourism industry with extensive experience in research and development, that has allowed us to build up a wealth of knowledge, which we feel urged to share and educate on. In the last ten years, the introduction of new management systems and products has revolutionized the tourism branch. Today’s technological environment represents a challenge to the individual operator to compete on equal terms with all the different types of organizations in the sector.

This new way of doing business has revolutionized the tourism sector, converting it at the same time both to the second largest percentage of internet searches and No. 1 in terms of internet monetary transactions. Quality, the ability to adapt quickly to change, personalized marketing, innovative products and the creation of new tourism experiences - these are the foundations on which the future of tourism rests.

The constant emergence of new competitors and new technologies, along with the specialization and professionalization of the sector means that companies and employees in the industry have to keep up with the speed of these changes. This ambition requires a deep understanding of individual markets and customers, calls on its stakeholders to be creative, to keep abreast of changes in popular culture, to grasp the latest technological developments and to be able to put them to profitable use. These are the skills and knowledge this Master will help students acquire.

The Master's in Innovation and Tourism Marketing offered by UCAM, an Affiliated Member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), is an essential step in the honing of professional skills and a giant leap in the modernization of tourism management, thereby improving the competitiveness of tourism companies and popular tourist destinations.