Zhaoyun Shengqin, a new player in UCAM Football Club Juvenil B

He transferred from the football club Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao to the UCAM team.

09 January 2019

Zhaoyun Shengqin transferred to UCAM team from China


The footballer Zhaoyun Shengqin, born in China in 2000, forms now a part of the football club of the Catholic University of Murcia. He plays the position of midfielder. Currently he is integrated into the team of Juvenil B (junior), the team that competes in the group II of the First Juvenil (junior), one of the many football teams of the UCAM Football Club.

This chinese player is talented, standing out for his physical power and his capability to position himself in the playing field. As mentioned before, he transferred to the Spanish team from the juniors team Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao. At the university, he is currently studying the Spanish Preparatory course.

Therefore, Zhaoyun Shengqin becomes the second chinese footballer wearing UCAM shirt, the first one being Zhaoyi Huang.