The Catholic University of Murcia organizes the third edition of an international symposium about linguistics, literature and cultural studies in modern languages

14 September 2015

With the objective of analysing the challenges and possibilities for languages in the future, UCAM’s Languages Department organized the third edition of the International Congress of Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies in Modern Languages. Among the conclusions, the importance for any professional to master various languages has been highlighted: “it enables to communicate with people from other countries, to work outside of Spain and it also allows to find a better job position” affirms Jorge Soto, professor and researcher at UCAM.

“From the Languages Department of the Catholic University of Murcia, we’re teaching an English very specific to each degree, from Sports Sciences to any engineering” highlights Soto, who also points out that, in this way, “we foster the internationalization of the students, giving them important advantages”.


Third edition

The III International Congress of Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies in Modern Languages united specialists and university professors from China, France, Italy, Japan, Germany or Greece, who imparted conferences centred on languages in their different applications on literary, cultural and institutional levels. “UCAM is a university is constant growth and that is currently extending at an international level, which makes the language formation of our students essential”, affirms Jorge Soto. It is worth highlighting that the congress began with a conference about the relations between Italian and Spanish, and the influence of immigration on languages, given by María Vittoria Calvi, lecturer at the University of Milan.