UCAM received a visit from professors from other European universities

The reason behind last week’s visit is the V International Erasmus Staff Week, where a group of European professors arrived at the Campus of Lor Jerónimos, where they got to know the University better, participated in activities and visited the Region of Murcia

08 April 2019

Professors and personnel from different european universities, who participated in the International Erasmus Staff Week


The International Relations Office at UCAM organised the V International Erasmus Staff Week, where during one week the institution received professors from 21 European universities from countries like Italy, France, Estonia, Slovakia, Poland, Portucal, Sweden, Germany, Turkey, Ireland, The Netherlands, Latvia, Czech Republic and Hungary. The objective of this activity in the Erasmus+ program is to distribute information on the institution in the European partners, form relationships with them and expand the existing collaborations, as well as establishing agreements and collaborations with other universities. Erasmus+ is the newest addition to the Erasmus Programs, started just in the recent years.

During the week of the visits the University imparted conferences, activities and a playful program for the foreign professors to get to know the cities of Murcia and Cartagena. “This way the associate universities get to know UCAM and can promote also their universities”, concluded the coordinator of the exchange programs, Lonneke Meijer.

With these visits UCAM wants to achieve more relations and networks to sign agreements inside of the Erasmus framework, to be able to exchange students, and so that the universities already collaborating with UCAM can visit the entity and the Region of murcia. The University has seen an increase in the amount of students wanting to participate in an exchange program.