UCAM launching new degrees in Spanish this coming fall

The Catholic University is widening the academic offer in Spanish by starting a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Commercial Management, which will also be available online. Furthermore, there will be new official postgraduate degrees in this mode in Advocacy, Corporate Social Responsibility, International Criminal Law and Legal Cooperation, and MBA

12 June 2019

A student entering Virtual Campus


The National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain (ANECA) gave approval to the Catholic University of Murcia to launch the coming academic year 2019/2020 in online mode the Bachelor’s in Marketing and Commercial Management. This degree, which will have two specialisations, International Commerce and Digital Marketing, usually has a high number of graduates entering working positions.

Widening the offer of official online postgraduate degrees

Regarding the new degrees brought by UCAM the coming academic year in the postgraduate area, there will be a Master’s in Corporate Social Responsibility, which is an official degree, and can be done in presidential and online modes. Other degrees available in the fall are the Master’s in Social Responsibility, Labour Relations and People Management, which are UCAM accredited degrees.

The Catholic University is also widening the academic offer in Legal Sciences with the Master’s in International Criminal Law and Legal Cooperation, which will be available online.

Master’s in Advocacy, will also have an online mode this coming fall. This Master’s is a necessary degree for those looking to perform the profession of a lawyer in Spain.

The Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) was approved by ANECA for more quota for students, permitting to have 110 online students and 55 presential students the next course. This degree is available in Spanish and in English, and has the possibility to specialize in: Marketing Strategies, Financial Management and Business Organisation, Business Law and Management of Human Resources.