The Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication has advanced facilities with the best technical tools for the audiovisual sector such as the TV Studios, the Sound Studio and Radio Studio.

31 January 2018

UCAM's TV Studio


Practice is one of the most important aspects of the study programmes offered by UCAM. For this reason students can count on advanced laboratories to ensure hours of practice in the field of their choice.

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication, of which are part the Bachelor’s Degrees in Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations (Programmes taught in Spanish), has advanced facilities with the best technical tools for the audiovisual sector such as the TV Studios, the Sound Studio and Radio Studio.

These laboratories guarantees that the student will be able to enter the job market in the best possible conditions. In addition, the faculty has agreements with numerous media  (Antena 3, RNE, Telecinco, TVE, Cuatro, Warner Spain, etc.), press offices, national production companies and International media through European programmes.

TV Studios
UCAM University has a professional television studio where most part of the training program takes place. From the first year course, students perform their practices in a set with four studio cameras with High Definition technology, a grid of lightning digitally controlled by means of Dimmers, and a cyclorama to perform Chroma-Key in real time by means of a UHD video mixer and 20 channels. The future professionals of communication have also a Production Control newly renewed with 4k technology, made up by several Workstations through which the titling processes take place (static and dynamic) intake, player, recorder and audio capture - broadcasting, that means that they have got all the tools available to control completely the quality of the image and the audio of their audio-visual products.

There are two Post-production rooms, where the video and audio editions take place, the effects, signs, entertainment productions, so that the entire TV studio allows creating a complete product from its conception until its final materialization, ready to broadcast. The TV studio consists on a Production Room, Redaction Room, Make up Room and an Audio-visual Laboratory with computers provided with edition and post-production professional software.

UCAM Popular Television Murcia is a digital licensed private television that broadcasts for the entire community. It has an advanced television studio, where UCAM own TV programs are performed. Popular TV Murcia is at the top level among private televisions according to audience rate of the region. A position that has been achieved through the combination of quality and accurate information on topics of interest that concern citizens.

Sound Studio

The sound studio is equipped with the latest technologies. This studio consists of two acoustically isolated rooms: a collection room for sound captation, equipped with microphones and the control room, with devices for recording (mixer, multitrack, computers, racks of process, computer monitors, etc). One of the most important conditions is the soundproofing design, in order to avoid inner sound from spreading outward or penetrating the outer sound and interfering recordings. This is achieved through the implementation of various special materials.

Radio Studio
The radio studio of the University consists of two technical and professional different spaces. The radio laboratory is a space used for students who new to the world of radio to experiment the main tools of the media. Later, they will go to the main radio studio, with a call center and a primary and secondary control. In the parlor we have 8 microphones in a soundproof room made as in professional studios. There is the analog main control to develop the role of technical director. And finally, the second control, also called self-control, allowing the performance of autonomous work where the same person blends in the voice and sound to his work.