The president of the Catholic University of Murcia, José Luis Mendoza, has appointed honorary professor of Social Anthropology the Murcian Francisco Lerma, bishop of Gurúè (Mozambique).

29 January 2019

José Luis Mendoza and Francisco Lerma during the encounter


The rector of the African university, Alberto Ferreira, and Monsignor Francisco Lerma, bishop of Gurúè, had a meeting at the Jerónimos Campus with José Luis Mendoza, president of the UCAM.

UCAM and the Catholic University of Mozambique have been collaborating for a long time in different actions. In this last meeting, it has been agreed that part of the teaching staff of the Catholic University of Murcia will reinforce the teaching activity in the African institution in the area of Nursing. Also, new degrees such as Canon Law and others related to the field of humanities will be activated.

In this regard, the bishop of Gurúè, Monsignor Francisco Lerma, affirms that "in our University there is a great lack of professors. There are not enough teachers to attend to all the needs of the University in various faculties".

Lerma, honorary professor

Monsignor Lerma, a native of El Palmar (Murcia), went to Mozambique as a missionary about fifty years ago, becoming a prelate in the African country years later.

In this last visit to the Campus of Los Jerónimos he was appointed honorary professor of Social Anthropology at the Catholic University of Murcia. The bishop has collaborated for years with UCAM, in fact, the first book published by the University, 'El Pueblo Macua y su Cultura', is his work.