Students from 12 Asian countries celebrate the Lunar New Year at UCAM

50 students from Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Turkey, Philippines and Iran welcome the year of the Pig, according to the Chinese calendar

20 February 2019

Students during their celebration of the Lunar New Year


A group of students from China organised a meeting to celebrate the "Lunar New Year", also called "Spring Festival" in mainland China, or "Chinese New Year", on the first day of the chinese calendar. The New Year’s celebration tradition has a history of more than 3000 years.

Students from other Asian countries, such as Vietnam, China Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Turkey, Philippines and Iran, joined in the organised celebration. Furthermore, students from Spain, Morocco, Mexico and Colombia, didn’t want to miss the celebration, and participated, turning the event into an authentic international meeting.

Most of these international students are doing their Erasmus exchange at UCAM, studying their Bachelor’s Degrees in Sports or Dentistry, or Master’s Degree in Innovation and Tourism Marketing or their MBA, which are some of the academic offer with many international students. These students decided to come to the Region of Murcia for the admiration they have on the culture, traditions and gastronomy.