The U-Multirank, an European Union ranking system classifies universities in accordance with their learning experience, the quality of teaching, organization, contact with students and internship opportunities. Degrees in Medicine and Computer Engineering at the Catholic University of Murcia have also been ranked in the top ten in Spain.

30 April 2015

The U-Multirank, European Union ranking system which measures the quality of 198 universities around the world, placed UCAM's Psychology Degree as the highest ranked in Spain and third in Europe. In addition, Medicine and Computer Engineering Degrees at the Catholic University of Murcia have also been placed in the top ten in Spain. 

"The results are very positive" Estrella Núñez, UCAM's Research Vice-rector, stated. To establish this classification, UCAM's degrees in Psychology, Medicine and Computer Engineering have been compared, for this ranking, with their counterparts at universities worldwide. The ranking, which was released earlier this month, values ​​key factors including learning experience, the quality of degrees and teaching, available contact with teachers, inclusion of practical work, internship opportunities, organization, research and guidance for educational and professional opportunities abroad.

"Different aspects were assessed on several levels in order to construct this ranking, which is especially important because it values students' opinion, and proves that they are very satisfied with UCAM's degrees" Estrella Núñez said. 

The Vice-rector added that this is because "students have a personal and close relationship with teachers and with the institution itself. They feel taken care of and they appreciate that professors are devoted to teaching, but they also know they can rely on them for help and support when needed. It all adds up: in the end, they appreciate receiving an all-round, high quality education". 

UCAM students' opinions, collected by U-Multirank, focuses on the quality of the facilities made available for teaching and research, and the resources at their disposal to help them complete their studies. This classification of degrees collects information on specific studies or faculties each year to establish a quality-based ranking. Whilst last year the Catholic University of Murcia featured in this ranking for its Degree in Business Administration and Management, this year UCAM's degrees in Psychology, Medicine and Computer Engineering have stood out.  

"This is a source of pride for the Catholic University of Murcia. However, we must continue to grow in quality because it forms part of our policy of continuous improvement" the Vice Rector stated. 

Degree in Psychology: another success for UCAM 

The U-Multirank is not the only achievement that UCAM's Bachelor in Psychology has achieved recently: one of its teachers, Prof. Jorge López Puga, has caught the attention of the prestigious scientific journal 'Nature' with one of his works of research, which aims to predict future events through the analysis of data and statistics. The prestigious journal has published his work in its latest edition.