09 March 2017

Yannis Pitsiladis speaks highly of UCAM in Marca news


Yannis Pitsiladis, the prestigious physiologist is leading an ambitious project to lower test results in the athletic competition by two hours. He believes he will achieve it in 2020.

Yannis Pitsiladis, world-renowed researcher of sport from the University of Brighton, visited UCAM last week to join in the Executive Committe of the International Federation of Sports Medicine, of which he is a member. He also participated in the International Congress of Prevention of Sports Injuries. He has become world famous in sports medicine for a project called Sub 2 Marathon that consists of getting an athlete to lower their marathon run time by two hours. He has amitiously targeting to achieve this victory by Tokyo 2020. In keeping with the evolution of the record, it would take about 10-15 years to advance, but he thinks that by applying the science we already have (without doping), sophisticated training and nutrition methods, and choosing the athletes who are genetically better prepared for it, this success will be met in the next Olympic Games.

Furthermore, Mr Pitsiladis graciously added that, "I have been impressed with the potential of the UCAM," and believes that UCAM would make "extraordinary partners" in the fight against doping,