Students at UCAM have a personal tutor assigned in their first year at the university, who accompanies the student through all of the studies, with the goal to advise them both in their academics, as well as personal life

12 December 2018

Photo from the presentation act of the tutoring services


The focus of the Catholic University of Murcia on quality education goes beyond the academic. Characterised as a university with values, UCAM offers to all the On Campus matriculated students a tutor, with whom the student can resolve any doubt they have, whether it be in the academic or personal area.

“In the first year the student enters University, tutors interview with the students to know them better, and to help them with any issue they might have, starting from the academic plan until personal life, if the student wishes”, explained Mari Carmen Vázquez, the director of the Tutoring Services at UCAM, in the annual workshop organised by the university to the parents of the students. The president of the Catholic University, José Luis Mendoza, was also present.

The Catholic University of Murcia reaffirms their focus on quality education, supported by this service created to make the stay of the students as comfortable as possible at the Los Jerónimos Campus: “What we want to transmit to our students is that they can trust us with any issue that they have, be it a personal problem or an academic concern”, concluded the director of the Tutoring Service at UCAM.