This new course has been born from a partnership between the Catholic University of Murcia and Alebat Management Consulting

11 February 2015

The UCAM and Alebat Management Consulting Group have signed an agreement to develop initiatives in the field of healthcare to improve the training of professionals. This agreement includes the two University-Own degrees in Health Communication and Emergency Management, as well as the International degree in Oral Surgery and Implants; and the Nursing qualification specialized in Expertise in Caring for People with a Disease. All of the aforementioned programs are taught online.

The agreement has been signed by the President of the UCAM, José Luis Mendoza, and the CEO of  Alebat Management Consulting Group, Luis Mallo Alvarez, who underlined that the training which results from this cooperation will "form better healthcare professionals, who will make better decisions". Furthermore, referring to the Master in Health Communication they noted that there is a need to train healthcare professionals able to communicate with the patients in a more effective way.


The International Master’s degree in Oral Surgery and Implants is addressed to those people who just completed their training as a dentist or are already working in this field, and wish to specialize through the acquisition of international experience. Those in posession of this title will be able to choose between more than 20 high international level centers or clinics in which they will carry out their practical modules (40%), rotating around four of these centers. "This will allow them to specialize in their discipline by working with the best surgeons, and learning the techniques developed in each of these centers," stated Luis Mallo Alvarez.