100 experts from 80 universities around the world discussed migration and refugees at the 4th International Congress of the Inocencio III Chair at UCAM.

21 December 2018

Inocencio III Chair International Congress


UCAM hosted the Inocencio III Chair International Congress, which is at its fourth edition and focused on migration and refugees. Attended the ceremony, Monsignor Robert Joseph Vitillo, Secretary General of the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC); José Luis Mendoza, president of the Catholic University of Murcia, and Javier Belda, dean of the Faculty of Human, Canonical and Religious Sciences of the UCAM and director of the congress. During the event, in which participated 100 experts of 80 universities, have been analyzed topics such as vulnerable groups (children and women), European politics, different national responses or the media treatment of migrations.

65 million people

"There are more than 65 million people forced to move around the world, and we have to respond to this, and as the Pope says, give them protection and integrate them in our own countries," said Monsignor Vitillo. Beyond the laws, he pointed out that it is important to accept these people as persons: "every human person has fundamental, universal rights, and we have to treat them as sons and daughters of God."

Regarding the first global pact for migration recently established by the UN, the secretary general of the International Catholic Migration Commission has assured that it is an important step, "it’s the only agreement on migration in the world". And indicated that it will serve as a roadmap "to fairly accept these people ."

José Luis Mendoza highlighted the scientific and international nature of this Congress, which is being held in collaboration with the Holy See. The president of UCAM recalled that the Pope insisted on this issue, "he is very concerned about the hard situation that many families are living, they are expelled from their land, they have no chance to live worthily".

UCAM President offered to Monsignor Vitillo free training for the refugees. "We welcome them with love, as if they were Christ himself," he indicated.

Javier Belda, dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Canonical and Religious Sciences of the UCAM and director of the congress, has indicated that it is necessary to see migration as an opportunity to grow as a society and not only as a social emergency.