Hundreds of students from the Catholic University will enjoy their international stay this semester

15 March 2017

The Erasmus program continues to spark great interest among students at UCAM


There are students from all five continents studying each year at UCAM, but there are also Spaniards who decide to do an international exchange. Erasmus is still the star mobility program.

Miguel Rodríguez, a student of Audiovisual Communication, is one of those hundreds of students who are going to participate in the Erasmus program this semester, specifically in Poland. "It is an experience that I believe every university student should live to discover; new cultures and learn new languages. In particular, I want to improve my level of English."
For his part, Raúl Cano, a 3rd year student at CAFD, whose destination is Coimbra (Portugal), says that he has chosen this destination, "because it is a place that is not far away, and so I do not lose sight of my family. I know people who have been there for years and they’ve recommended it to me. "
Antonio Tomás, also a student of the Faculty of Communication, says that "I have opted for Wroclaw and I hope this experience is productive to learn a lot of English and meet people," he commented.
The Vice-Rector of International Relations, Pablo Blesa, emphasizes that this program of studies is for the student, "to open new horizons, both personal and professional. Spain is a country that lives on tourism and export, and for that they need people who know languages and who have lived abroad, because there are many Spanish multinationals abroad. "