In November, 11 students graduated and got their UCAM certificated diplomas at EMCA. The students got diplomas in different fields of knowledge, among them, Business Administration.

18 December 2018

Representatives of UCAM in the photo together with Christa Zuberbühler and the graduating students.


Last 22nd November 2018, in the Hernstein castle, took place the graduation ceremony of 11 students at the Austrian EMCA Campus. It is one of the foreign places where UCAM accredits programs. The graduates are managers from Austrian economy and administration sectors, as well as from the social sector, receiving their long-awaited certificates. In the graduation, the following programs got their certificates: Master’s in Business Administration, Master’s in Mediation and Conflict Management, and Master’s in Coaching. Professor Christa Zuberbühler, the scientific director of the EMCA campus, led the celebration. In her speech she emphasized the international character of the studies at the EMCA campus and the cultural openness.

Two representatives of the UCAM Catholic University of Murcia attended the ceremony: Pablo Blesa, Vice-Rector of International Relations and Marco Bruno, Director of International Edu-Projects. They congratulated the students that graduated from behalf of the university,and emphasized the strategic importance of this partnership, and the joy of their participation in the solemn graduation ceremony. The whole ceremony was underpinned by Mag. Manfred Spies (Saxophone) and Dr Gerhard Kinnast (Guitar) with Austrian, Spanish and Mexican sounds.