The hi-tech device has reached Murcia after being unveiled at NASA´s 75th anniversary.

04 November 2014

This afternoon UCAM received the first European demonstration of a virtual reality helmet (VR headset), which has already been unveiled successfully in Silicon Valley (U.S.A)

The demonstration was carried out by Jose Antonio García Marín, co-founder of ImmersiONVRelia and UCAM alumnus of Engineering and Telecommunications, accompanied by his business partner, Manuel R. Gutierrez Novelo, who was involved in the creation of 3D-Blu-ray.

Through a Smartphone which is inserted into the helmet, the low-cost device allows the user to experience a virtual reality in any professional field, for example psychology, medicine, tourism, industrial design, etc. The device which will go on sale in the United States next week, arrived for the first time to the Region of Murcia after being demonstrated at the NASA´s 75th anniversary commemoration. 

They have three types of devices available. There is an introductory device – demonstrated this afternoon, a more professional device with increased resolution and connectability to a PC. And a third more advanced gadget which includes cameras and augmented reality technology, deigned for application in more professional usage. According to the co-founder of ImmersiONVRelia, virtual reality is a field with great future prospects. He states: “the next revolution in the world of technology is that of virtual reality systems which allow people to be present both in a real physical surrounding and a remote virtual environment”. 

Manuel R. Gutierrez highlighted the potential of this new gadget which allows an integration between reality and augmented reality in different academic disciplines. “Through these tools we aim to educate people in a more complete and rapid way” 

Murcia, a mini Silicon Valley

ImmersiONVRelia will open its first branch in Murcia tomorrow, which will operate as the central office for all of Europe, (since up until now it only had bases in the United States). As suggested by the UCAM alumnus, the company aims to carry out the production of its devices in Murcia “thus, we want to attract students and talent from this university, including engineers from different disciplines, in order to convert Murcia into  a mini Silicon Valley”.