23 September 2014

Miguel Angel Lopez had passed 'Psychology' exam before the European Championship and he says he learned helped him in the competition to win the gold medal.

Jose Luis Mendoza expressed his joy at the victory of Miguel Angel Lopez and the good results that the  UCAM athletes have got this summer: "We are very pleased by athletes. Miguel Angel (Lopez) is getting some impressive results. He is very young and has a very big future prospects ahead of the next World and Olympic Games. It also has great merit because it has not stopped studying and is taking his career very well. "

Miguel Angel Lopez studied Science of Physical Activity and Sport in the UCAM and he admitted that it costs to combine studies and sports, but it's worth it: "I have the support from my tutor. It is not good to be only focused on athletics and it's good to study also. Before I left for Zurich competition,  I took Psychology which is a strong subject and this knowledge has helped me with the sport too".

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