The doctor, researcher and lecturer at UCAM and director of the Genetic Expression Laboratory of the Salk Institute (California), specializes in mother cells, genetic therapy, and ageing and regenerating tissues.

23 November 2015

Dr. Carlos Izpisua, director of the Genetic Expression Laboratory of the Salk Institute (California), researcher and lecturer of Developmental Biology at UCAM, became Member of Honour of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Murcia during his Designation Ceremony celebrated last Wednesday at the Chamber of Commerce of Murcia. During the event, Dr Izpisua gave a conference about regenerative medicine, displaying the latest advances of his research in the regeneration of tissues and the transplantation of organs.

Izpisua expressed the joy to be supported by UCAM’s president, José Luis Mendoza, and showed great joy to be awarded with this recognition in the city of Murcia “where I spent my childhood. In this city, I also met people with tremendous capacities without whom the Californian team wouldn’t be able to work that well”. 

In his speech, he highlighted the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing among scientists, stressing that “we have to be generous. It doesn’t matter who’s the author of what (…), the human component is more important than the intellectual one in order to serve the common goal of medicine: helping” and further encouraged organ donation.

To the newspaper “La Verdad de Cartagena”, the doctor also stressed that with the advances of science “our life expectancy is going to increase and we will live with a better quality of life”.