Spain is one of the European Countries with the largest number of foreign students each year. This Country offers a high quality university system and its titles are valued worldwide.

24 January 2018

UCAM's students


Spain is one of the European Countries with the largest number of foreign students each year. This Country offers a high quality university system and its titles, in addition of being recognized in Europe, have an important value for the emerging markets of Latin America but also for the United States, Russia, India and China.

All these factors make Spain the right place to develop an International Career.

Among the Masters programmes in English, UCAM offers two courses particularly suitable for those who want to pursue a career abroad: MBA - Master's in Business Administration and the Master's in European Union Studies and Human Rights.

MBA - Master's of Business Administration

The full-time MBA - Master in Business Administration - of UCAM is structured to develop the leadership potential of the participants, giving them a global perspective, preparing them, with a real-life approach, to a constantly changing job market.

The one year programme, entirely taught in English, has been designed to offer solid preparation in business administration. The Full-time MBA offers 360 hours of lessons, a minimum of 150 hours of internship in National and International Companies (Santander, Repsol and Siemens, to name a few) and 990 hours of practical work, individual or in group.

This MBA offers to graduates from different academic backgrounds - Law, Communication, Engineering, Arts and Health, etc...- the opportunity to further develop their profession and improve their International career prospects. This programme is open to all the different cultural backgrounds too: at the latest edition of the course participated students coming from 12 different nationalities.

The Masters, in fact, prepares students to start their own business as entrepreneurs, to work as business administrators, economists, project administrators and human resources experts, or to hold any other managerial position in a company. UCAM’s career services will be available to the MBA students after graduation to promote International students employment in top companies throughout Spain.The job employment rate after six months from graduation is 74% (2016 MBA course).

To achieve this goal, the teaching staff consists of both academics and business executives who can assist students in developing their business knowledge.

With a total of 60 ECTS, the MBA is an official Master's degree recognized throughout Europe and offers direct access to the doctoral programmes of the University.

To access it is necessary to have a Bachelor's or Master's Degree, in any sector, and the knowledge of English at the B2 level. For this programme are available 25 seats.

Master's in European Union Studies and Human Rights

The Master's in European Union Studies and Human Rights has a multidisciplinary approach that allows students to gain full knowledge of the European Union. This is a path that provides participants with the theoretical and practical preparation to work, among others, in the European Institutions, in International organizations and in the management of European projects.

It is an innovative program, whose teaching staff includes high-level academics specialized in the various fields of the European Union and civil servants and consultancy experts involved in the daily practices of the European Institutions.

The one-year course includes a period of internship in companies or institutions with a minimum duration of 250 hours. Furthermore, during the Master's program students will have the opportunity to visit the European Institutions in Brussels.

Graduates from different academic backgrounds, interested in deepening their studies on the European Union and Human Rights, can access the Master’s.

For this programme are available 20 seats.