A delegation from the Chinese city of Nanning with seven million people led by its Deputy Mayor Wu Juan visited the Catholic University of Murcia to build stable partnership.

04 August 2016

Deputy Mayor of Nanning, Wu Juan (left) with President of the UCAM, José Luis Mendoza.


A delegation from the Chinese city of Nanning, which has seven million people, led by Deputy Mayor Wu Juan, has visited Catholic University of Murcia, where they met UCAM’s President, José Luis Mendoza, in order to propose agreements in research and teaching.

They visited UCAM after holding meetings with various institutional representatives from the Region of Murcia to formalize the partnership between the two cities. These partnerships includes collaborations in the field of agriculture, tourism, culture, etc.

"We want to establish the relationship with the Catholic University of Murcia given the prestige UCAM has," Deputy Mayor Wu Juan commented. She also added that the visit generates excellent impression to UCAM, not only because by its exemplary facilities but also the good hospitality treatment they received from the university.