Student Profile

UCAM’s Full-Time MBA was particularly designed for people with a desire to advance their careers in the area of business and decision-making.

Core target of this Master’s Program are international and Spanish university graduates from a variety of academic backgrounds such as law, communication, engineering, arts, health, nutrition, retail or physical activity, striving to gain advanced knowledge in the field of business administration, assessment and consulting as well as general management, strategy formulation and capacity planning.

For graduates with previous experience in this area, the MBA will be an opportunity to refresh their knowledge and add new perspectives to their focus based on the objectives and values which the program reflects.

Students should be ready to work and relate with mates from different countries, cultures and backgrounds in a multicultural environment that reflects the globalized world we live in. The Full-Time MBA focuses on people that are willing to lead, contribute to humanity and engage in social and economic sustainable development. Students should intrinsically wish to become leaders of empathy and ethics who put sincere efforts into the projects they are involved in. Moreover, future graduates should be capable of working hard and inspiring others as role models, show team spirit and be eager to help others succeed in their endeavors.