UCAM Academic Calendar Schedules Exams

Master's Academic Calendar

Module I. Research Methodology   
Timetable March-April 2019 Module II. Research and Computer Methods in S&C  
Timetable May-November 2019 Module III. Scientific Principles of Strength&Conditioning
  Module IV. Exercise Physiology  
   Module V. Biomechanics and Movement Analysis  
  Module VI. Program Design as related to Strength & Conditioning  
  Module VII. Sports Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids  
  Module VIII. Strength Training & Conditioning in the Elderly  
  Module IX. Practicum  
  Module X. Master's Thesis  
The official presentation of the master's program will be held during the first day of class on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 9:00am with Research Methodology (Module I) in Pavilion 5, classroom 14A.
In general, students are required to be physically present on-campus from January through June, as the required modules will be presented in this time period. The modules will be taught in the mornings (9:00-14:00h) on Wednesdays through Fridays, but there may be exceptions. The schedule of the modules is posted in the academic calendar.