Professional Options

For pharmacists there are more than 50 professional options, within these options, the following are exclusive: the Pharmaceutical Organization of the National Health System, technical direction of distribution warehouses, primary healthcare pharmacists, specialisations via FIR (hospital pharmacy, microbiology, radio pharmacy, industrial pharmacy and Galenics etc.), military pharmacy, a regular pharmacist and technical direction of a pharmaceutical laboratory.
The professional options of Pharmacy graduates are very broad within the health system. As well as the ones mentioned previously, graduates in Pharmacy can work professionally in:

Industrial Pharmacy (in different areas)

  • Food Industry
  • Environmental Heath
  • Clinical Analysis
  • Medicine and Drug Analysis
  • Public Health
  • Public Administration (Spanish and European Medical Agencies, Food Health Agencies, Environmental Heath, CSIC (the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations), the National Institute of Toxicology, etc.)
  • Investigation
  • Teaching