• Taught in English
  • Internships start in the first year
  • International Students mobility in Europe
  • Pharmacy Room on the Campus


On Campus


5 years




6.950,00 EU

9.252,00 Non-EU

ECTS Credits

300 ECTS





Roque Roldán, Pharmacy Degree student

"This is a very complete degree. It has a theoretical part and a very large practice part. We develop it in UCAM laboratories, and we have also visited other laboratories and have done practice in hospitals".


UCAM is one of the best places to study Pharmacy, since we have a reference class in Spain, in which you will learn to manage comprehensively an office of this field. Besides that, Pharmacy Faculty has designed a Study Plan of great training quality. Subjects are set out to for you to become a reliable professional.

This bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy at UCAM is a five-year course, as it leads to the official qualification required for professional practice.

One of the benefits of a degree in pharmacy is the great employment opportunities that it provides. the students at UCAM can work in in different areas like pharmacies, in the pharmaceutical industry, and in related areas such as pharmaceutical marketing, research, public or private health management, and teaching.

Student Mobility

UCAM offers different training agreements with important corporations and research centres, as part of the training in Pharmacy. While studying Pharmacy in UCAM you will have a close involvement with professional labour market.