UCAM in partnership with HEFAME inaugurates “flipped” classroom for Pharmacy students; the first and only in the Region

22 January 2016

UCAM’s Bachelor of Pharmacy students will have the ability to learn  how to manage a pharmacy without leaving campus. The new Hall of Pharmacy was inaugurated yesterday with the intent of having a real pharmacy set-up inside of the university. This was made possible by HEFAME, one of the largest Pharmaceutical Companies  in the country.


Students who are already in their third year will be the beneficiaries of this project. This pharmacy will serve as their training ground before taking further steps into the pharmaceutical career.


UCAM President, José Luis Mendoza, welcomed the launch of this state of the art classroom by congratulating the entire Faculty of Pharmacy, "The ultimate goal of bringing this type of program is to improve our teaching quality and provide the best service to our students", said Mendoza.


Also, the President of HEFAME, Carlos Coves stressed that "The idea of having a Pharmacy inside of the classroom is wonderful, we used the latest technology for developing  this type of classroom for students so that they will be well equipped and prepared for careers after graduation".


Deputy Dean of the Degree in Pharmacy for UCAM, Pilar Zafrilla, would like to clarify by stating, "We do not sell products for public consumption, we do simulations of real cases, especially pharmaceutical practices, but also offer free professional services such as how to control blood pressure and advice on prescriptions".