UCAM’s Gastronomy classroom-laboratory will contribute to give the Gastronomy Degree international prestige

The inauguration of the “Roca Brothers GastroLab” has been chaired by the University’s rector, Josefina García, and by Manuel Fernández-Delgado, director of the Tourism Institute of the Murcia Region, and has been attended by representatives of more than 30 companies sponsoring and collaborating with the Gastronomy Degree.

23 July 2015
Yesterday, UCAM’s Gastronomy Classroom-Laboratory was officially inaugurated under the name of “Brothers Roca GastroLab”, a nomination accepted by chefs Jordi, Joan and Josep Roca, honorary teachers of the Degree. The inauguration, chaired by the Catholic University’s rector, Josefina García, and manager of the Tourism Institute of Murcia, Manuel Fernández-Delgado, has been attended by representatives of the 30+ companies sponsoring and collaborating with the Degree in Gastronomy. 
UCAM’s rector has highlighted that, since its beginning, the University has shown keen interest in health, nutrition and sports, and that “this is a pioneer project, which will undoubtedly harvest great successes”. Manuel Fernández-Delgado insisted that “this laboratory expands the educational network of the gastronomic offer of the Region of Murcia; moreover, with the Council, the CTT (Centro de Cualificación Turística) and the Tourism Institute, we support the economic development and employment of the Region”. 
The vice dean of the Gastronomy Degree, José María Cayuela, explained that “we chose the hard way to create this classroom by collaborating with companies who made this project a reality by engaging themselves to equip the classroom and renew the whole equipment with up-to-date products. We also managed to create a campus which is a pioneer in the field of gastronomy”. 
Antonio Marquerie, director of the Chair of Mediterranean Gastronomy at UCAM asserted that “with this classroom, we can start to work on a multidisciplinary program that unifies research, creation and development of the dish.” During the event, the chef of the Restaurant La Cabaña, Pablo González-Conejero, emphasized that “this classroom, equipped with cutting-edge technology, will be a guarantee of success for the students”, and specified, regarding the internships of Gastronomy’s students realized at La Cabaña’s, that “scholars arrive with great desire and illusion; they have demonstrated their training and willingness to learn”. 
The Gastronomy classroom-laboratory “Roca Brothers GastroLab” is situated next to the laboratories of Nutrition and Food Technology; a shared and open space where students of the Food Campus will be able to develop their daily practical exercises and make use of the up-to-date technology. Next academic year, the Degree in Gastronomy will implant a wide-ranging program to study gastronomy from different professional fields.
For more information about UCAM as Gastronomic University of the Mediterranean please visit: ugm.ucam.edu