UCAM’s eSports Research and Training Center

The new initiative of the UCAM eSport Chair aims to train students and professionals in the field of electronic sports


08 June 2018

UCAM’s eSports enter


UCAM has recently inaugurated an ambitious and innovative project in the field of eSports which has three main purposes: research, training and competition.

It is the Center for Research and Training of eSports (CIFeS) equipped with the latest technology in world of electronic sports.

The CIFeS has three areas: the first, a research area with computers where students can do their internships, or for PhD students, students who develop the Final Degree Project and the Master's Thesis related to eSport.

The second area is a specific room for streamers, both YouTuber and professional players, in order to offer an ideal atmosphere for their live shows. It is a special environment for them and also serves as a relaxation area for players.

Finally, there is the multipurpose room also called the main room, which is used for competitions as well as for training courses and trainings for the University's own teams.

It is an ambitious project that manages to have everything together: professional scholarships, training for players, own players of the university and services for professional teams.