José Luis Mendoza to be awarded for the educational model of UCAM in the New York Awards

  • The president of Inspiring Committed Leaders has announced that among others to get recognition in the event are Kathleen Kennedy, Ndaba Mandela and Raúl González
  • The occasion was made public after the conference by Bernardo Kliksberg, ‘the father of CSR’ and Honorary Professor of UCAM, to be endowed with an Honorary Doctor’s Degree, made UCAM an example of an international university

26 February 2019

José Luis Mendoza, presidente of UCAM; Bernardo Kliksberg, expert in CSR, and Honorary Professor at UCAM’s International CSR professoriate and Victor Meseguer, director of the International CSR Professoriate of the university.


The president of the Catholic University of Murcia, José Luis Mendoza, will be one of the eighteen awarded in the New York Awards, together with Kathleen Kennedy, the first woman to be the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland; Ndaba Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela, continuer of the family legacy of humanitarian aid and the fight for human rights, and Raúl González, former professional footballer, coach, and one of the most important athletes in Spain.

The awards will be handed over in november in the United States, in the context of the New York Summit 2019, according to Ray Cazorla, president of the Inspiring Committed Leaders, who made it public recently during the nomination of Bernardo Kliksberg as an Honorary Professor in the Professoriate of International Corporate Social Responsibility at UCAM.

Kliksberg, global authority on CSR, social capital and redesigning of States, to whom UCAM will soon endow with an Honorary Doctor’s Degree, reassured that UCAM is an example of how an university can transform into an important factor in “making the situation of the impoverished in the world better, and in general improving the spiritual quality of this planet”.

Recognition for the social compromise

The award granted to José Luis Mendoza is a recognition on “great contribution and social compromise demonstrated through UCAM, in favor of education”, said Ray Cazorla, adding that the jury unanimously considered that “his exceptional effort to guarantee opportunities, to provide the tools necessary, and the assistance in making dreams become reality for the people of Murcia, has had an impact that deserves to be recognised”.

More demanding with CSR

Bernardo Kliksberg, displayed his satisfaction for the recognition received by an institute that “in 20 years has been able to raise an emporium of good, to the service of the best causes. The human being needs many examples of this type”. Kliksberg imparted the Master conference ‘To what direction is Corporate Social Responsibility heading to? New course of action’, in which he highlighted the role of private companies as a motor for progress. He clarified that it should be handled from a perspective of collective responsibility, social responsibility, as it’s presented in the Social Doctrine of the Church and developed by Pope Francis, and the popes before him. “The company will have great value when the productive force is accompanied by corporate ethics. The road to direct entrepreneurs in this direction is through education and universities. This is where UCAM comes in, working permanently with companies within the framework of the International Professoriate in CSR, and this is an important path for Murcia and for Spain”, he assured.

José Luis Mendoza, who made the endowment of Honorary Doctor’s Degree to Bernardo Kliksberg public, assured that “the key solution to all society that wants to thrive, is to invest in education”. On his part, Victor Meseguer, director of the International Professoriate in CSR, highlighted the importance of this nomination, a step towards internationalisation of the Professoriate.

Inspiring Committed Leaders Foundation (ICLF), who grant the award to José Luis Mendoza, is the institute responsible for the organisation of the New York Awards. They are a non-governmental, non-profit organisation dedicated to launching projects in the social, political, economical and educational-cultural areas in the United States, Latin America and Europe, with the aim to achieve equality through real and effective opportunities.