A group of UCAM’s students will take part in a European Project in Romania to improve employability

UCAM, well aware that the youth unemployment in Europe is one of the major challenges society has to face today, encourages its students in their professional skills and search for a job opportunity

27 August 2015

On the 22 of August, eight students from the Institution travelled to Timisoara, Romania, to take part to the project “Conquer the Labour Market”, co-financed by the European Union and coordinated through the Technological Institute of Murcia (ITM) and the International Projects Office (OPRI) of the University.

During a week, 50 students, coming from 5 countries, will live together and take part in various workshops and activities: elaboration of an Europass CV, job interview preparation, knowledge of new employment opportunities in the European market, as well as possible career opportunities depending on their interests. The final objective is to boost the employability and the internationalization of talents as well as to foster cultural exchanges between different participants. 

Since the creation of the International Projects Office (OPRI) in 2014, UCAM has involved hundreds of its students in projects, workshops and journeys at a European level, giving them the opportunity to live new work experiences, extend their languages skills and know new cultures, augmenting this way their adaptation ability and their learning.