The ANECA renews accreditation of a further eight UCAM degrees (this time Master’s courses)

The National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA) recently renewed an additional eight degrees, (specifically Masters), which add to the seven which were renewed last month. Thus, on Friday 26th June, the Universidad Católica welcomed the First Edition of Conferences on Research and Doctorates, which will be attended by the general secretary of the Ministry of Education of Universities, Juan María Vázquez, the director of Conferences of Doctoral Schools, Álvaro Lázaro Lafuente, the Evaluation Coordinator of Teaching and Institutions of the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation, Miguel Ángel Galindo Martín and the general director of CARM Universities, Luis Javier Lozano Blanco.

15 July 2015

The following are the eight new UCAM Master’s degrees which have been newly accredited by ANECA: Nutrition and Food Safety, Teacher Formation, Environmental Engineering, Bioethics, MBA Business Administration, Management and Planning Health Services, Osteopathy and Manual Therapy and Social Development.

It is worth recalling that only last month, the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation had renewed the validity of seven degrees of the University through the ACREDITA program, including graduate degrees in Food Science and Technology, Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, Human Nutrition and Dietetics as well as postgraduate degrees in Clinical Nutrition and Communication Management. Therefore, ANECA has renewed in total fifteen UCAM degrees already assessed in the 2014/15 academic year.

Upon receiving this good news, the director of Quality at UCAM, Manuel Ruiz, affirmed, “these new renewals assume that UCAM has all the necessary guarantees to further develop its official degrees with proven quality and academic excellence”.

UCAM continues to build on its firm commitment to high quality degrees, and is currently preparing the renewal of even more degrees for next year. It is important to remember that the process for the renewal of ANECA-qualified degrees, which is exactly the same in public and private universities, takes place during several intensive days, involving professors from public and private universities, former students from the degree as well as entrepreneurs that have benefited from students in traineeships relevant to the studies in question.


Conferences on Research and Doctorates

Also relevant to degree quality, UCAM International Doctorate School celebrated the First Edition of Conferences on Research and Doctorates: Quality and Accreditation.

The objective of these days was to promote an exchange of scientific knowledge between UCAM PhD students and PhD students from partner universities, encouraging the participation and debate on scientific aspects as well as aspects related to the management of PhD programs, mobility and PhD students’ professional protection.

During these conferences, the current situation of PhD students in Spain and the quality and accreditation processes were reviewed first-hand, with the participation of high representatives of national organisations involved in scientific and doctoral research.