95% of UCAM’s students that have taken the test to practice as lawyers passed it

They all completed the Master in Access to Advocacy at the Catholic University of Murcia

11 August 2015

Out of the 40 students of the Catholic University of Murcia that have taken the final professional aptitude test to access to the law profession convened by the Ministry of Justice, 38 passed, which represents a 95% of success. They all completed their formation in the Master of Access to Advocacy imparted at the Catholic University that, together with the exam, enables them to qualify and practice as lawyers.

For Francisco de la Torre, dean of the Faculty of Law at UCAM and director of this Master, taught both in Murcia and Cartagena, this is very positive: “it reinforces the successful results we also obtained with the first promotion”, and keeps on demonstrating the quality of the studies imparted in the Institution.