Sport Scholarships

Based on this, we offer different scholarships and sport options:

  • Train with university teams in UCAM and partner facilities.
  • Train and play in sport competitions at university level for UCAM’s teams.
  • Train and play both in partner/owned professional teams and in sport competitions at university level for UCAM’s teams.

“How sport scholarships work at UCAM”.

SAD (Sport Activities Service) study the Sport Curriculum and perspective (scholarships could be given for current year thanks to what sportsman already done or for next year based on results reached during the year) of the candidate (sport marks for individual disciplines, ranking, results in competitions, video, and any other available information). They are very strict, most of our sportsmen have the best national marks and some of them are Olympic athletes.

UCAM Admissions Office verifies if the candidate meets academic requirements (the same for all other applicants).

Partner/owned professional teams play at different levels: “Our Table Tennis team used to participate in European competitions, etc.

  • Scholarships goes from 20% to 100% of university fees.
  • Depending on the economic and sport level, Partner/owned teams can also offer other kind of remuneration as housing, travel budget, salary.

Thanks to our outstanding relations with national sport federations (e.g. this year we organized the university championship), if an athlete has impressing marks it's possible that a sport federation would ask to nationalize the athlete in order to compete with Spanish national team (must meet some legal requirements).

More about sport at UCAM: (ES)