The Department of Humanities and Religious Studies manages and controls the institutional studies of ethical, human and theological training, which are taught at UCAM. For this purpose, the department, in cooperation with other related departments, has created an integrated education program that allows students to achieve human and Christian growth in line with the ideals of our University. UCAM’s key message to its stakeholders is the message of Christ, which merges human search and divine revelation.

The Department of Humanities and Religious Studies is structured according to the subjects it educates on Theology, Social Doctrine of the Church, Humanities, Ethics and Additional Training (Seminars, Conferences, Special Events).


From its beginnings, the Catholic University San Antonio in Murcia has been following a clear teaching and evangelization vocation. We understand the importance of applying Christian values in our university culture as well as the need of a provision of pastoral care for all members of the University Community (professors, students as well as administrative and services staff).

The University Chaplaincy, the Department of Religious Science and the Department of Religious Activities of the Vice-Rectorate for University Extension offer several different pastoral services to the whole University community: liturgy, chaplaincy, celebration of the holy communion and the sacraments, celebration and prayer meetings, catechesis, as well as personal attention, prayer and volunteering activities.


The John Paul II International Institute of Charity and Volunteering (IICV) is a university institution under the authority of the Catholic University San Antonio (UCAM) and is sponsored by the Pontifical Council "COR UNUM for Human and Christian Development". This institute has joined forces with other organizations to achieve its objectives, i.e. to carry out its mission together with the social sciences by offering volunteer experiences in the field of social aid and society in general.

In order to enhance the human and Christian development, the Institute trains professionals with an integral and interdisciplinary profile in the understanding of the individual, his needs, his actions and the social context in which he lives. For this purpose, the Institute provides different training courses such as the Master’s Degree in Social Development.

Moreover, the Institute explores the theory and practice of social work and examines specific situations of need and suffering in the light of the Christian faith. Nowadays, social voluntary organizations represent a phenomenon that seeks to address social needs. The Institute analyzes this phenomenon, its conditions, tasks, motivations, frameworks for action and inspirations. Along with its own lines of research, and in order to support existing findings, the Institute gives advice on topics related to its area of expertise.

UCAM’s Voluntary Service collaborates with other social entities and academic and social initiatives related to social aid and voluntary work. The organization of the International Conference of Charity and Volunteering is an example of these initiatives.