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  • Internal internships start from the first year and guaranteed professional internships


On Campus


5 years



Tuition Fees per year

181.67 €/ECTS

10,900 € EU

13,791.65 € Non-EU




Study abroad Bachelor in Physiotherapy - UCAM

Alejandro Pallarés, student in Bachelor's Degree in Dentistry

"I must highlight that my teachers have always been really quick and ready to answer any of my doubts and the personal treatment has been very close to all students. We have a personal tutor".


One of the features that differentiates Dentistry at UCAM from others are some of the innovative subjects in the Curriculum, like Dentistry and Dietetics, Dentistry and Sports, or Planning and Management of a Dental Clinic, as these subjects can open new career paths for our students. Besides that, you will have the guidance of teachers closely involved, as well as fully-equipped facilities.

UCAM offers a quality academic program, focused on your future professional success from day one. Our Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry offers a contact with the real profession, as there will me a lot of clinical internships.

Student Mobility



UCAM offers more than 2.000 practice-internship agreements. The university also offers the International Dentistry Research Professorship with excellent national and international clinicians and researchers, leaders in the field.