Legislation and regulations

Legislation applicable to the management of official university studies, general and academic regulations of the San Antonio Catholic University, and official degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.
The limit on repeating the same course is 6 times. Students who require additional opportunity to repeat the course, will need apply for “Call of Grace” (Convocatoria de Gracia) at the Government Council by request from the Post-graduate Training Center (Centro de Formación de Postgrado) .
Students can lose their student status at UCAM for the following reasons:
Student completes and satisfies all study requirements and receives the corresponding Degree.
  1. Student, upon formal request, transfers to another institution.
  2. Student exhausts the additional “Call of Grace” without successfully passing the course.
  3. Student declares formally to withdraw from the degree program to the Postgraduate Training Center.
  4. From a consequence of disciplinary proceedings.
  5. Inability to pay the tuition fees after 2 consecutive, academic years. Reinstatement would be dependent on the availability of student seats in UCAM.