Aims and Career Opportunities

General Aims of the Program:

  • To offer a post-graduate multidisciplinary training about the European Union, its evolution, and its importance.
  • To form 25 specialists in EU constitution, legislation, and human rights every year by means of a stringent theoretical-practical approach.
  • To further attract top-level professors and experts to UCAM.
  • To promote research and top quality teaching on the European Union in order to shape a reference research center with a highly international scope.
  • To internationalize student training by increasing their mobility through visits to European institutions in Brussels.

 Career Opportunities:

  • EU Institutions and European Bodies
  • International Organizations
  • Foreign Trade Offices 
  • International Media
  • Consulting
  • Specialized Law Firms
  • Public Administration
  • Research Centers Dedicated to European Affairs
  • International Relations Offices
  • Non-Governmental Organizations