Student profile

The Program for the MBA Sports Management, is aimed at both professionals who already have experience in the area of sport management who want to update their knowledge in a rapidly changing arena, as well as at people who wish to further their career in sports management and planning.

Similarly, it is intended for individuals who are ready to be leaders, contributing to human social and economic sustainable development, leaders with empathy and ethics who put effort into any project they encounter, with a team spirit and an eagerness to help others succeed.

  • Graduates in Sports Management.

  • Graduates in Physical Activity and Sport Science.

  • Graduates in Business Administration and Management.

  • Graduates in Business Studies.

  • Graduates in Business Statistics.

  • Graduates in Law.

  • Graduates in Political Science and Public Management.

  • Graduates in Public Management and Administration.

  • Graduates in Tourism.

  • Graduates in Publicity and Public Relations.

  • Graduates in Journalism.

  • Graduates in Industrial Relations and Human Resources.

  • Graduates in Audiovisual Communication.

  • Graduates in any area of learning who wish to direct their career towards sports management.