Reasons to Choose

The Degree in Tourism at the UCAM has a curriculum with a system that allows the students to choose a specialization:

  • Commercial Management and Marketing
  • Advertising and Public Relations.

This specialization can access to completing a Double Degree Diploma.

Degree in Tourism + Degree in Business Administration (BA). 1 academic year and 1 semester.

Degree in Tourism + Degree in Advertising and Public Relations. 1 academic year.


Career Opportunities

The studies in Tourism broaden your professional horizons. In today’s job market, a high number of professional profiles related to these studies can be found:

  • Field of accommodation
  • Commercial Manager
  • Public Relations
  • Tourist Coordinator
  • Field of catering
  • Director of banquets and conventions
  • Catering commercial
  • Field of intermediation
  • PCO (Professional Congress Organiser)
  • Product Manager
  • Quality Product Manager
  • Field of transport and logistics
  • Customer service technician
  • Business Manager
  • Relations Manager
  • Field of destination planning and management
  • Manager of tourism campaigns
  • Manager of promotion and marketing
  • Field of product and activities
  • Event management advisor
  • Business manager
  • Promotion and commercialization manager
  • Product manager
  • Field of teaching and research
  • Field of consultancy
  • Field of cooperation for development