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4 years



Tuition Fees

74.17 €/ECTS

4,450 € EU

ECTS Credits

240 ECTS




Beatriz de Juan, Psychology student

"The University pays a lot of attention to the students and provides guidance when it comes to deciding what you want to do in future with conferences, for example, since they bring very relevant speakers and skilled psychologists in the matter, which helps you to decide on your area of specialization".


With UCAM you will be able to study Psychology online. This is a real advantage for those, that either for work or because of personal reasons can not attend the classes regularly. Online teaching offers methodology adapted to your lifestyle, since you will be the one who decides how and when to study, providing a personal tutor to solve your doubts.

The Curriculum covers a wide range of core areas within Psychology. The Bachelor's in Psychology online is the first step to becoming a professional psychologist, as you will graduate with a robust foundation in the science of human behavior and will be perfectly placed to make the most of your new-found knowledge.

Student Mobility

There is a wide variety of professional internships in corporations, hospitals, day centres or educational centres in this degree. We have collaboration agreements with private and public entities in different areas of psychology, for example internship positions in the public Health Care and Social Service network.