• Latest technological learning tools
  • A unique Bachelor’s Degree in Murcia


On Campus


4 years



Tuition Fees per year

102.50 €/ECTS

6,150 € EU

7,150 € Non-EU

ECTS Credits

240 ECTS




Francisco Martinez, student in Podiatry

"I was educated in fully-equipped facilities and in reduced student groups. The teaching staff, our professors, is really involved with different kinds of professional activities".


When studying Podiatry at UCAM, you will be able to enjoy the most latest technological tools, as well as professors that are deeply compromised with your training. The professors are people with, in many cases, years of professional experience in the sector. The practical hours during the degree lead the students to easily enter the professional world of Podiatry.

When you finish your training period, the Professional Guidance Service will help you to join the labour market by helping you in all steps: how to present a professional portfolio, internships, or even how to do an interview when applying for a job.

Studying in Spain at UCAM the Bachelor's in Podiatry gives you a degree with a focus on the practical education through hours at the clinic, with hands-on teaching and learning in a variety of different setting at the University itself and in the designated internship places.

Student Mobility

The University offers more than 2.000 agreements with corporations and research centres, where the students can complete their internships. You will obtain the chance to observe the professionals of the sector in their work, and put your theoretical knowledge into practice.

Through the internships, the students will have a more complete image of what podiatry involves.