• Taught in Spanish
  • Internships since the 1st year
  • Physiotherapy Classroom on Campus
  • Personalized attention to students


On Campus


4 years



Tuition Fees per year

110.83 €/ECTS

6,650 € EU

7,650 € Non-EU

ECTS Credits

240 ECTS




Study abroad Bachelor in Physiotherapy - UCAM

Francisco Martínez, student in Physiotherapy

"I was educated in fully-equipped facilities and in reduced student groups. The teaching staff is really involved with professional activities and with professional changes".


UCAM offers a continuous teaching system, where students who pass partial exams will not need to be examined again of the contents already examined and this way will have a better learning process. You will be in reduced groups of students; therefore you will have close contact with the professors.

During the four-year course, you will be able to practice in person since the first academic year, in a system based on rotation so that you will get to practice and try most fields within physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy also teaches a wide variety of skills in healthcare provision. This degree at UCAM can also lead to jobs in neurological or musculoskeletal care.

Student Mobility

One of the subjects in Physiotherapy is practicum, which is an external internship, for which UCAM offers you different possibilities through agreements with hospitals, corporations and sport teams. You will be in touch with the profession in real situations, in order to receive quality training.