• International exchange programs
  • Rehabilitation Practice Unit located at the Campus


On Campus


4 years



Tuition Fees per year

68.33 €/ECTS

4,100 € EU

5,100 € Non-EU

ECTS Credits

240 ECTS




Study abroad Bachelor in Occupational Therapy - UCAM


Ana Guzmán, Occupational Therapy student

"The internship we did during the degree helped me find a job".


UCAM is an institution where you can study Occupational Therapy with fully-equipped facilities, such as the complete Rehabilitation Unit. You will receive high quality training, thanks to our excellent professors, involved 100% with your education, and thanks to a high number of hours of practice, carried out in the main areas of this field. UCAM helps you to make your professional dreams come true.

Right from first year through to your final year at UCAM you will have different internships at our facilities, to give you professional skills and clinical experience in a wide range of age groups.

When you finish the degree, you will have the specialised knowledge to improve your clients’ lives and to promote good health and wellbeing in workplaces.

Student Mobility

The university offers as part of your academic training different agreements with corporations and schools, since we maintain agreements with all social and health care scenarios. You will have a direct practice with patients and will implement all your knowledge acquired in UCAM.