Reasons to Choose

We have planned a modern curriculum, that since the beginning is commited to transformationg the European Convergence Process. We were one of the three first Spanish universities to implent it, which we did in 2008/2009 academic year.

We have agreements to carry out clinical practice with all public and private centres in our Region and neighboring regions, and simulation tools, technical-skills rooms, computer rooms and laboratories for the use of the students.

The Faculty of Nursing also offers other projects such as adaptation to undergraduate degree programs, Master’s degree in Health Sciences Research and our own doctoral program. We are preparing other new ideas, since Nursing is experiencing a historical moment and with young and dedicated professors we think that we can contribute to help both the students and the society.


Career Opportunities

The ICN (International Council of Nurses) considers that nursing professionals can:

  • Work in the General Practice Nursing, including the promotion of health, prevention of illnesses, and the care of ill, disabled or dying people of all ages, families, groups, health institutions and other community settings.
  • Carry out health care teaching.
  • Participate fully as a member of a health care team.
  • Supervise and train nursing and health care auxiliaries.
  • Initiate, develop and participate in programs and research projects.

Graduate students in Nursing can work in: hospitals or primary care centres, geriatric hospitals, mental health centres, NGOs, teaching and research, occupational risk prevention services, organizations and sports clubs, laboratories…