• Taught in Spanish
  • Internal Internships since the 1st year
  • High technology tools for a better learning experience
  • Possibility to start preparations for MIR from the 1st year


On Campus


6 years



Tuition Fees per year

195.83 €/ECTS

11,750 € EU

16,500 € Non-EU

ECTS Credits

360 ECTS





Fuensanta López, Medicine student

"This is a very hard degree, but UCAM offers great facilities to receive a complete quality training".


If you study Medicine at UCAM, you will enjoy practising with avant-garde technology, since we at the university have available to the students a Digital Anatomy Table and a Clinical Thinking Chart, among other equipment that will help you during your learning process. You will have professors 100% involved in your training, and as a greaduate have a confirmed professional career path.

This degree in Medicine has its basis on an innovative project with cross-teaching in all clinical subjects; this means carrying out 4 skill-hours and 4 simulation-hours per subject.

Study in Spain at UCAM gives you the opportunity to complete your studies with the help of many qualified specialists. The UCAM’s Bachelor in Medicine ensures that you have the appropriate training and classification to work as a physician in a variety of specializations within medicine. Completing the Bachelor's degree is the first and most essential step to pursuing a career as a doctor throughout most of the world.

Student Mobility

The graduates that decide to enter this medical school should be aware that the profession of doctor implies a high knowledge of scientific and clinical knowledge. It also implies being in constant and close contact with patients to be treated. Therefore, the future professionals of health at UCAM will have the opportunity to do high hours of internships in different kind of health centres, where they can put all of this knowledge to use, and learn about the practical aspects of the profession.