• Actualized education, adapted to the needs of the professional world.
  • Company agreements for internships


On Campus


4 years



Tuition Fees per year

73.33 €/ECTS

4,400 € EU

4,400 € Non-EU

ECTS Credits





Study abroad Bachelor in Marketing and Commercial Management - UCAM

Gonzalo Wandosell, Dean of the Faculty of Legal and Business Sciences.

“This degree is directed to students especially interested in the marketing and commercial areas of the businesses”



The curriculum in the Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Commercial Management at UCAM has been created, so that you can get access to the labour market with the correct knowledge on business and communication. This way, you can understand better the needs and wants of clients and potential clients, as well as detect changes in the market and be able to act accordingly. You can achieve a specialization in Digital Marketing or International Trade, which helps you deepen your knowledge in one area.

Student Mobility


When you study Marketing and Commercial Management on campus at UCAM, you will be in contact with large companies, where you can put to use everything learned during the four previous years. At the internships, the goal is the professional development of the students, so that they will be prepared to enter the labour market.