• Methodology adapted to your life style
  • Personalized attention to students


B Learning


4 years



Tuition Fees per year

56.25 €/ECTS

3,375 € EU

4,045.08 € Non-EU

ECTS Credits

240 ECTS





Bienvenido Sánchez, student from Labor Relations and Human Resources

"The degree is adapted to the reality in a way, that we learn how things are done in the real world. The model used gives us students a comprehensive education".


UCAM offers this Bachelor's in Labor Relations and Human Resources along with a team of professors of the highest quality, who are actively linked to the professional sector. It also offers a teaching methodology based on small groups of students and providing personalized advice. This interdisciplinary and comprehensive degree is offered in a mode of blended learning, so that you can combine your online study with personal life.

UCAM's Bachelor's in Labor Relations and Human Resources is a multidisciplinary program.

Studying abroad in Spain at UCAM, you will learn the differents key components of organizational behaviour, and gain knowledge on areas like leadership, motivation, attitudes and productivity.

Student Profile

The Bachelor’s in Labor Relations and Human Resources offers a great curriculum for those looking for economic, social, organisational and political challenges, that are caused by employment and labor relations in this global world. Human Resources and Labor Relations search for people who are eager to develop their communicational and comprehensive skills, that are able to see one situation from many perspectives and to be able to find a solution that benefits everyone. The students should be people with a willingness to learn actively, and to study the employment world.

The degree, in line with the most prestigious universities at an international level, offers a multidisciplinary perspective. If you consider, that employment is a fundamental reality, that the labor relations have a big role in the quality of life of people and organisations, and that the availability of quality jobs should be very essential that must be prioritized in our society, the studies in this bachelor’s will allow you to lead a change towards a better reality regarding professional world.