Career Opportunities

The career opportunities obtained at the end of these studies include different sectors within the industry of dance and performing arts. Some of these career paths include teaching in different areas, choreography or stage direction, management and administration of companies, artistic and cultural projects, or investigation and documentation of dance in its different genres and interpretations.

“Convert your love for dance in a world full of inspiring possibilities”

Our welcoming and diverse community of students and performing arts experts will help you to grow your confidence. You will be able to learn about dancing further than only performing, developing your own confidence and identity as a dancer.

At UCAM, the development of your own voice is as important as your technique. You will be a part of an exciting degree, where you will be following your interests and growing as a dancer to explore the impact that performing arts have in our world.

The theory is integrated with practice in dance, orientated towards choreography and interpretation. The degree will also introduce many possibilities of dance and professional opportunities. Furthermore, we have many interesting associations with a large number of choreograph, artists and companies, with which you can investigate and practice.

In this three-year degree you will learn which are your interests in this area, and discover in yourself a reflective and critical interpreter, converting yourself into an artist, an educator, a policy maker, a physical preparations, or a dance investigator.